HOW TO // Decorate the Christmas table for your family

We all know that sitting down at the dinner table plays second fiddle to Santa's arrival for children. Patiently dining with the grown ups doesn’t really align with a sugar infused child’s priorities. However, it’s a tradition that many of us feel is important. Encouraging quality family time and conservation is essential, no matter what time of year. So with that in mind, here are our top tips on how to keep your little ones entertained at the Christmas table.

Make the dining table fun and interactive.  Place a roll of brown paper over the table before adding any placemats or decorations.  Create different place settings for adults and children - adding colouring pencils and cookie cutters to children's settings to encourage them to draw, scribble and be creative.

Crackers can be full of plastic toys of questionable quality, and some children (and pets) aren’t keen on the bang.  So instead, why not have little brown envelopes at each place setting with child friendly jokes and a small toy inside. We found stick on Santa moustaches that everyone had to wear at the table - the kids will find this hilarious!

Have a Christmas dressing up box next to the table so children can hand out a silly hat to everyone (instead of the hat from a cracker) that they must wear at all times.

Essentially, rule number one is: don't take it too seriously!  Have fun with it and don't be upset if it's not perfect. Christmas is all about the kids, and a few little touches can ensure you get to enjoy your lunch too.