PROJECT REVEAL // From chaos to calm - the power of good storage.

We all know how much mess kids make in a short amount of time. Despite not being able to write their own name, they know exactly how to distribute the maximum amount of toys across the floor in the time your back is turned. And yet as parents, we often want them to have this fun nearby so we can keep them in sight and out of mischief. So whether it’s a desire to keep them nearby or a lack of space, family play time often takes place in the family living room. 

And at the end of the day when the kids are finally in bed, you need to feel like an adult again. It’s time to crack open that bottle of wine and clear the room, not be surrounded by toys, stepping on Lego or sitting on Buzz Lightyear. 

We’ve learned over the years that storage doesn’t have to be ugly, and have a knack for incorporating it into your family life. 

This family had an open plan kitchen with living room and dining area.  They wanted clear walls for hanging art and family photos but at the same time, didn’t want huge storage cupboards taking up precious floor space. 

We created a raised living area with giant drawers underneath for the endless amounts of train track, building blocks and books. During the day the drawers are out, and the toys to be played with. At night everything goes back and hey presto, adult time!

If built in units aren’t an option right now, try not to make style sacrifices with your storage, especially in spaces shared by little ones and grown ups. Here are our top 5 toy storage solutions on the market right now:

Play and Go storage bag - £34.95

These bags are genius. By day, it’s a stylish play mat. And when it’s time to tidy up, pull the cord and everything is neatly collected and contained ready for tomorrow. LOVE. 

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Nobodinoz drawstring storage bag - £35

These guys prove that kids designs can be cool. They have the most gorgeous prints and this toy storage bag has a drawstring top to tuck away all those loose ends. 

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Foldable storage bag - £19.99

We are totally in love with this storage box. The clever design lets kids use it for kitchen play and in the evening, everything can be packed up ready for the next day’s play.

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Great Little Trading Company Toy Organiser - £92

If you’re tight on space and need a utility unit, this is the one for you. It combines space for books and small toys in the front, with 2 large storage boxes at the back. Stylishly practical.

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Eef Lillimore stacking crates - £24

These amazing crates combine corner shop practicality with the most amazing colour palette! You can even stack them up as a table for a glass of wine once the kids are in bed.

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