PROJECT REVEAL // Unisex Bedroom: Before & After

When asked to design a bedroom suitable for four young grandchildren of different ages, we were intrigued by the challenges of the project. As the room was for both boys and girls, it needed to be a neutral colour palette, whilst able to sleep four children comfortably, as well as having a fun factor to create those exciting memories of their grandparent's house.

The room was a good size, with a new cream carpet, however it had a mishmash of furniture collected over the years that didn't work together or fit the room.


To kickstart the project, we chose a colour palette of mustard yellow and grey to create a warm and inviting room. We also created different zones so that all four children could happily play, read or relax in the same room.


We painted the walls two shades of grey with the darker at the bottom to make the room feel bigger, and added a small dark stripe to soften the divide.

The bunk bed and double sofa bed meant there was enough room for four children to sleep, whilst keeping floor space free for all important play time.

We custom built a unit with clothes storage, climbing wall and hide-out dens so little people could read, play, hide and climb into bed. The kids absolutely love their hide-out space!

Finally artwork was added with the children's initials, to give them some ownership of the room.




So there you have it! We absolutely loved working with these clients and were super proud of the transformation that took place. As with all House of Kin projects, we created a space of playfulness, functionality and style.

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