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We don’t just love what we do, we are head-over-heels, can’t-stop-smiling, kind-of-love-it obsessed. Every new project, is like picking a chocolate from a Tom Hanks movie box of treats – not knowing what the next delicious surprise might have in store. Our passion always propels us forward, to the next horizon, which translates into our contemporary designs with solutions that sometimes, frankly surprise even us!

Purposefully Playful


Who says work can't be fun? We think playfulness isn’t an afterthought, it’s the life of the party. Our solutions don’t think outside the box, they kick the box to the side of the room, then dance on it and think hmm maybe we could have made a spaceship out of that. Problems should be solved in new ways, and they should be fun. But we never compromise on excellence or utility. After all, why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary?

Reliably Resourceful


We're not just designers; we're Earth's biggest fans. Environmental, social, and economic sustainability isn't a trend for us—it's a mission. We're the laboratory constantly brewing up creative ways to use repurposed materials, crafting designs that are not just bespoke but future-ready. Because, if we are being honest, a sustainable future isn't just a dream; it's a must.

Enhancing Experiences

Copy of HOF-The-Hallway-Shot-1.jpg

We design with a mission – to transform every experience into a playful, interactive adventure. Whether for adults or kids, we're all about keeping the end user at the heart of our designs. If you ever loose us on-site we are probably crawling on the floor, seeing spaces through a child's eyes. Let's turn your journey into pure magic.

Constantly Collaborating


Our creative beehive is always buzzing! Our studio's lifeblood is co-production and collaboration. We're not just here to create; we're here to understand—you, your family, your brand, and also what makes you tick. We thrive working with artists and vibing with like-minded souls, turning ideas into reality, especially with our pals—our incredible "little black book" of suppliers who add the extra dash of uniqueness.

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