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Art meets craft


Everyone that arrives to the gates of Broomwood can't help but marvel at the eccentric architectural features that adorn this building, originally completed at the turn of the last century. These lofty features may be easily appreciated by the adults that pass into the space but to new children about to enter the doors after a complete rebrand and addition of a new preschool they are a little intimadating. Our imagination for reinventing the buidling started at the its architectural beginings filled with the charm of the arts and craft movement. We took on the task of seamlessly weaving the movements core characteristics of the beauty of materials, nature as inspiration, and the value of simplicity, utility, and beauty. This stripped away the previous austeer and print heavy interiors delivering a fresh and welcoming feeling creating unexpected experiences at every turn. This moment also flowed to the design of their tree- mendous garden with a newly created mini forest school and soaring green leaf play structure.

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