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Our Ethos

Our philosophy is simple - our designs make people smile.  

We absolutely love what we do and it’s this passion that keeps us eager to explore new and interesting projects and to deliver designs that surprise even ourselves. 


Our core values underpin every aspect of the way we work:

Purposefully Playful


Playfulness should not be thought of as something you can add on at the end of a project, but as a quality that is deeply intertwined within a space. In defying the ordinary, a playful design represents an alternative approach to solving a problem, a new way of looking at the world—but never a trade-off in functionality or quality.

Reliably Resourceful


We believe environmental, social and economic sustainability is essential in creating efficient designs which respond to future needs. We are constantly thinking of creative ways to reuse materials and resources to create unique and ambitious designs. We believe that a sustainable future is not only possible but necessary.

Enhancing Experiences

Copy of HOF-The-Hallway-Shot-1.jpg

Our aim is to create playful, interactive and functional experiences through good design. The journey of the end user is always at the forefront of our minds, whether it is for an adult or child.  Infact you will often find us crawling the floors to truly see spaces from the eye of a child.

Constantly Collaborating


Co-production and collaboration are at the heart of our studio - it is a place where concepts are hatched and problems are solved.  We love to get to know you, your family, your brand and what makes you tick - we listen and we understand. 

We are continually inspired by the unique perspective artists bring to our designs and we love working with like minded people and especially small, local, one off suppliers. 

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