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Beach club


Perfectly placed between the lush green peaks of Hong Kong Island and the sandy beach of Repulse Bay, is Kindhood, a family members club all about the earthly good vibes.  With their ehtos being 'be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to our earth' we instantly knew the direction their brand book would go. Inspired by the contrast of the natural shapes from the surrounding contours of the green hills, the architectural shapes of the many high rise buildings and the incredible panoramic view of Repulse Bay, our design transformed from idea into reality.


We used a bold colour palette influenced by the bold choices we have to make as humans, to create a better future, where our built environments live in harmony with our planet. The fine balance of open play booths, leads the eye from a cosy lounge area to the stunning daylight across the bay beyond the horizon. Through the use of soothing lighting, natural and recycled materials the cosiest of spaces springs to life. If there is one thing we can learn from mother nature, it is that less is always more.

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