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Sliding doors

Shepherds Bush townhouse

The basement of this private residence simply did not work for this family of four, whose childern just kept getting bigger, as they all seem to do! Sister and brother had previously shared a bedroom, played in the living room near the kitchen upstairs, and had baths in the family bathroom. This is a common occurence in any house but with their stuff was everywhere and the bathroom needing an online booking platform and they deserved their own space whilst still having connected moments of play and interaction. What they got on the far side of all of this were 2 beautiful indivdual bedrooms unique to them and their personalities joined be a common play area and family space. A space packed with storage, a cozy reading area , a swing and even a hidden proector for family movie nights. The common area let both smaller bedrooms feel bigger by daytime with blinds up but created two cosy nest like spaces to have their own time to rest or do homework in the rest of the time. Everyone was incredibly happy with the result but then again who doesnt love a swing INSIDE your house!

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