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The old railway tunnel

Miss Daisy's Chelsea

This marks the fourth project we've had the pleasure of completing for Miss Daisy’s Nursery School, guided by their original brand book from their very first site.  Nestled in the crypt of St Luke's Church in Chelsea, this truly individual setting presented the most unique of challenges. The key consideration was the lack of natural light alongside the compartmentalisation of spaces.  We at House of Kin never shy away from a challenging lighting design, in fact its one of our true loves in spaces. With clever use of the existing Miss Daisy's colour palette, we extracted the visual prowess of the existing incredible structural architecture of curving brick pillars and archways. The multitude of lofty arches, earned their place as the old railway tunnels on the edge of the village from the magical world of the Miss Daisy's brand book. 

Delivering the continuity of the three previously completed Miss Daisy's sites was incredibly important to the client and ourselves especially considereing the unique site constraints. This project was completed within a strict two week holiday window and the returning students and parents were blown away by the transformation. 

"House of Kin have created a distinct collection of spaces aligned to our brand history & vision" -  Zanna Clarke, Principal of Miss Daisy's Nursery Schools

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