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The arches

Miss Daisy's Knightsbridge

In our 2nd collaboration with the team at Miss Daisy's, and with our trustworthy brand book in hand, we set about renovating the church hall of the stunning high Victorian style St Simon Zealots Church. Lofty ceilings alone couldn't distract from this well loved but tired space. With the continuing concept of the forest reclaiming village buildings, what better structure to inspire us than church ruins. One key component from an operational perspective was the fact it was a "packaway" nursery, meaning that every weekend and holidays it had to make its contents "dissapear". Working with the school team and church we designed smart and considered storage solutions whilst still delivering a thouroughly transformed space that was on brand and in budget.

"House of Kin have created a distinct collection of spaces aligned to our brand history & vision" -  Zanna Clarke, Principal of Miss Daisy's Nursery Schools

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