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From stream to mighty river


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In the depths of a global pandemic, we were called about reviving a space for the good people of Riverside nursery. From our first conceptual zooms, to masked, socially-distanced on-site meetings, we had a monumental challenge to turn a dank and tired former Church into a fresh Scandi inspired interior. The winding life of rivers and the time we have spent as children beside them gave rise to beautiful simplicity in the colour pallette, materials and shapes that form the surroundings. Blending a welcoming entrance that lead to a truly original "montessori meets hygge" classroom enviroment, this was a beautiful place to create. Whether it was the wowed returning families, the Dezeen longlisting, or the British Institue of Interior Design (BIID) award - we clearly were not the only ones to love this project to bits!


Heres what the BIID had to say - "The judges praised this harmonious and child-friendly design, emphasizing sustainability with cork-clad walls, wood waste flooring, and recycled plastic bottle tiles. The space offers various interactive areas tailored to different personalities, fostering engagement through adaptive units and play structures. Overall, the design is imaginative, thoughtful, and perfect for children's learning and growth."

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