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How Your Brand Becomes the Heartbeat of Your Business, School or Hospitality Space!

A brand is like a good friend - you know them well, trust them innately, and are likely to grab a coffee with them on a sunny Summer's morning.

This level of trust, emotion and connection is exactly what your brand should cultivate. Whether you realise it or not, your brand has a magical power to shape the experiences of everyone it touches.

And when it comes to interiors, there is no exception. This is the kind of experience we conjure up with our brilliant brand books!

So, what exactly is an interior design brand book?

Think of a brand book as a bible created solely and uniquely for your business. It's the secret sauce that makes your brand's story stand out. This magical book is where your brand essence is born, setting the stage for its visual personality.

At House of Kin, we dive deep into your brand aspirations, teaming up with you and your existing crew to curate this masterpiece. Whether you're a new startup or a larger corporation, we unravel your brand's dreams and aspirations. Creating an interior brand book for a narrative space might seem like a fairytale, unrealistic for budgets and timelines. Yet, it's really a crucial step in laying the groundwork for your space and future projects.

Here's where our special touch comes into play. For us, branding goes way beyond choosing fancy tiles and plush furniture, it's about creating a foundation that breathes lasting life into your business.

The value of your interior design brand book isn't a fleeting trend, it's a timeless investment. If you're expanding or planning multiple sites, maintaining a consistent look and feel is crucial. As Ralph Caplin wisely said, "thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous," and we couldn't agree more!

Picture vibrant colours, luxurious textures, bespoke installations, and unique accents that make your space truly unforgettable. We're talking about the kind of place where you step in, and you get an instant recognition. That's the true magic of a brand book.

When you think of the commercial big boys, the likes of Mcdonalds or Pret a Manger, you always encounter a consistent experience regardless of your location across the globe. No matter where you are, the colours, textures, and overall design are consistent.

In higher-end brands, these nuances are expressed more subtly. Visit any Soho House or Ace Hotel worldwide, and you'll experience a consistent level of service that brings you back time and again. This is the power of a distinctive brand.

So, whether your next site is a tiny Grade 2 listed building in London, or an entire floor of a shopping mall in Miami - the creative and practical rules stay the same, even if the budget is more or less the next time round!

With each new site launch or upgrade, our compass is your specially crafted Interior Design Brand Book, helping to navigate the journey of your brand.

Let's explore a collaboration where we brought a particular clients brand book to life in their different sites.

Eaton Square School tasked us with crafting a brand that not only showcased their quality and heritage but also injected a crucial element of playfulness for the children. Having created the brand book 2020 and then designing and fitting out their first site in Summer 2021, we were further commissioned to design and fit out a second site in 2023 using the Interior Design Brand Book originally created.

Explore these two distinct sites and observe how the cohesive 'brand' makes a distinctive mark.

In the first image, a large traditional school reception welcomes you to “Site 1”. Its spacious desk area serves the whole school and is a very busy thoroughfare receiving many guests.

In the second, with no designated reception desk at "Site 2", a welcoming on brand moment is still created with a carved bespoke cabinet, repeating colour tones and positioning of logo branding.

The first image represents "Site 1". From hard-wearing and washable fabrics on benches to sustainable sheet material. The use of specialist materials really set brands apart but also tie additional sites together.

Considering site and budget restrictions at "Site 2", the second image displays the use of the brand materials in a more restrictive way, still delivered the quality, finish and experience from the original flagship site.

At "Site 1" in the first image, we designed and installed a giant bespoke art installation made entirely of felt, for guests to wait by and students to discover everyday.

At "Site 2" in the second, applying the same initial brand experience was key here. Without the space to build bespoke cabinetry, we opted for framed options using the same artist.

Now... we hope you can see how the power of a brand book speaks seamlessly through these educational spaces!


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