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Through HoK’s Glasses: Seeing the World with Playful Eyes

Calling all adventure seekers; It’s a big wide world out there. And we’re here to bring some clarity to the madness!

Let’s be honest, in our modern world it’s easy to get sucked into the mundane everyday. We stroll down the streets, eyes glued to screens, and ears plugged into podcasts, barely noticing the delightful surprises that surround us.

One question we frequently get asked is, "Where do you find your inspiration?". Well, the truth is, inspiration can strike from a multitude of sources in the most unexpected moments.

But one thing that undeniably influences our creative process is the world around us and the countless extraordinary creations that people have crafted before us.

Why keep these fun places to ourselves - unlocking the fun shouldn't be a secret. That's why we've decided to map out these amazing places for everyone to discover!

We're on a mission to awaken your sense of adventure, urging you to pause, look up, and embrace the wonders that surround you.

Curious about how?

Let us ask you something; what does a nose in Soho and a gigantic sewing needle in Milan have in common?

Well, truth be told, not much... until we came along!

We have connected the dots and created the world's first-ever Fun Map (yes, you read that right), where we simply point out fun things. It’s as straightforward as that. It's all about embracing those moments of unexpected fun that are hidden in plain sight, and we want you to get involved!

Now that we really have your attention, let us introduce you to a small collection of curiosities that we have come across during our Find The Fun adventure…

Have you ever wandered around Greenwich and noticed the upside-down pylon? Once part of Europe's largest gas works, this 35-metre high marvel certainly made us smile.

(Artist - Alex Chinneck, Bullet from a Shooting Star)

Even nature knows how to have some organic fun!

Check out this hungry tree to the right chomping on a post box. It's a sight that'll most definitely make you grin while you drop off your birthday cards. Just keep an eye out, or you might become the tree's next snack!

Take a look below... could Anthony Gormley be the secret creator of Minecraft? Who knows, but his architectural masterpiece has us convinced! This colossal figure isn't just art, it's a suite in The Beaumont Hotel, starting at a bargain of £1,400 a night! Can you spot a man on the loo?

We'll leave that puzzle up to you!

(Artist - Anthony Gormley, ROOM, 2014 The Beaumont Hotel)

Are you starting to see the world through our fun-tinted glasses?

For us, it’s all about those magical moments of fun that pop up when we pause and really pay attention. We aspire to cultivate a global community of adventurers who not only follow our X's that mark the spot, but also blaze their own trails and share their discoveries with us.

Consider this the opening chapter of our epic Find The Fun adventure. Our Fun Map is a living, breathing resource that will grow with each new discovery and adventure.

But here's the best part: we want YOU to be part of the journey! If you stumble upon any hidden treasures of fun, capture the moment, post it on Instagram and tag us.

We invite you to embrace the unexpected, celebrate the extraordinary, and join us in creating a world where fun reigns supreme. So, grab your granny, fill the car full of kids or simply go for a wander by yourself and FIND THE FUN, we promise you won't regret it!

Discover below all the ways you can join in on the fun, and visit our new webpage to access the Fun Map!

We are so delighted to spread the fun and connect with others joining in on the adventure this Summer, and we can’t wait to see how much fun you all find!

Let the adventures begin...


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