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Unveiling the Magic: Discovering Extraordinary Inspiration in Everyday Adventures

We are often asked, "Where do you find your inspiration, and how do you conjure up such wild ideas?"

At House of Kin, we see the world through a different lens.

We are dream architects, explorers of imagination, and creators of extraordinary experiences. Our purpose goes beyond designing spaces; it's about redefining the way people interact with their environment.

The truth is, inspiration is a magical force that can strike from anything in plain sight, only to be noticed once we open our eyes and pay attention.

Imagine the magic that happens when we stumble upon unexpected inspiration, like the playful use of mirrors in a tiny toilet at a Bordeaux nightclub (yes, we do know how to have fun!). It sparked a brilliant idea to transform a small room into an open and spacious haven by adorning the entire back wall of a soft play area with mirrors.

Eaton Square School, Glasshouse. Swipe for the inspiration!

Or, Who would have imagined that a day spent scaling the ancient stone pillars of the Giants Causeway, amidst the powerful spray of the Atlantic Ocean, would ignite the inspiration for a nursery's reception desk in West London? It's within these unexpected escapades that the seeds of our designs take root and flourish.

Riverside Nursery Schools, swipe for the inspiration!

Ideas can be sparked by a brushstroke in a captivating work of art, a mesmerising scene in a film, a quirky character on television, the architectural marvels that surround us, or even the delightful taste of a negroni!

In our world, creativity knows no bounds. We draw inspiration from art, nature, and culture. We blend innovation with timeless principles, pushing the boundaries of design to create spaces that are functional, playful and truly unique.

We find the extraordinary in the ordinary and encourage you to do the same. Take an extra second to look at what is around you.

Aside from challenging the world of design, we want to empower individuals to embrace their surroundings, rediscover their sense of wonder, and unlock the endless possibilities that lie right in front of them.

For the last 6 months, we have been on an incredible journey of discovery to create a unique, interactive layer to House of Kin that we cannot wait to share with you. Make sure to follow us on socials, and keep your eyes peeled as we have an exciting announcement coming your way this July!


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