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Nature-Inspired Children's Interior Design: Bringing the Outdoors Inside Playful Spaces

Have you ever wondered why humans are so irresistibly drawn to nature inspired interiors?

It's that inexplicable pull, like a warm hug, when you step into such spaces.

The calming, soothing effect of nature is something we simply cannot ignore.

Now, imagine this: you enter a hotel lobby, but it's unlike any lobby you've ever encountered before. It feels like a vibrant forest, complete with towering trees and a calming stream running through it.

Can you feel the wonder and serenity that washes over you in such a space?

Interestingly, in Chinese culture, the presence of running water upon entering a room symbolises harmony and tranquillity. It's a powerful reminder of our deep-rooted connection to nature, even in built up cities.

At House of Kin, we call this ‘nature's magic’.

We sprinkle this magic over our children's interior design projects by thoughtfully creating environments that seamlessly merge the captivating natural world with everyday indoor settings, but in a way that's truly distinctive.

And if you're new to our world, you'll soon discover that "ordinary" isn't a word we play with!


Let’s explore how we bring ‘nature’s magic’ to life in some of our recent projects…

Miss Daisy’s Nursery:

When you enter Miss Daisy’s, you’re strolling into an indoor forest school, where rope-wrapped 'trees,' a den-building corner, wooden balance beams, and a pretend campfire are all part of the fun.

Each Miss Daisy’s 'garden' feels like a serene forest clearing, a place where children can truly

immerse themselves in the wonders of nature. Real tree stumps serve as stepping stones, encouraging little explorers to hop from one to another. The log balance beams offer not just a playful path but

an opportunity for developing gross motor skills. It's a world where nature and play naturally weave together.

Eaton Square Nursery:

Imagine a space where an obnoxiously oversized bird's nest is cradled within a tree weaved with real willow and recycled felt leaves. Well… you don’t need to rely on your imagination for this one!

In this space, we have explored the idea of scale, transporting children into the confines of a walled garden within a country estate.

As children step into this towering tree, they find themselves immersed in an experience that feels like opening a storybook in their minds. A place where learning, play, and boundless imagination intertwine. Soft, gentle lights resembling eggs create a magical ambiance, enhancing the allure of this nature-inspired wonderland.


As much as we adore infusing nature into our own designs, it's equally as exciting to see how other architects and designers work their magic. Check out Snøhetta, the Norwegian wizards behind this 16-metre-tall glass library in Beijing – a literal forest in the city!

The tiered seats seem to roll down like lush hills, while colossal tree-like columns reach for the sky. Architecture truly in tune with the natural world.

It's like a secret handshake with Mother Nature.

Some of this is biomimicry, where design takes its cues from nature - like swimsuits inspired by sharkskin, or the nose cones of high-speed trains drawing aerodynamic inspiration from kingfishers.

But in the world of architecture and interiors nature inspires in even more subtle ways. Think tranquil colour palettes that bring a sense of calm, or unconventional patterns that provide a comforting familiarity. It’s all about embracing the profound beauty within nature's scale, imbalance, and ratios.

Have you ever noticed the perfect spiral of a snail's shell or the quirky balance of an ancient, untamed tree? They feel like nature's masterpieces - flawless and perfectly in sync.

It's these moments of pure, unfiltered inspiration that fuel our design process. Every facet of natural beauty feeds ‘nature’s magic’ in our projects, leading us toward the absolutely perfect balance.

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